Kratom (scientific name: Mitragyna speciose) belongs to the family of coffee and is indigenous to South East Asia. Being a tropical plant, it is indigenous to Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and Malaysia. For centuries, it has been used as a traditional medicine in these areas. Kratom can be taken in various ways, it can be chewed directly or can be taken as a tea. There are abundant online vendors that sell the kratom in the form of powdered or dried leaves. Some of the best site to buy Kratom that are genuine and authentic has been recommended below.

  1. BKN Kratom

One of The Best Recommended Online Vendor with High-Quality Products

BKN (Blue Kratom Now) is an online vendor that is genuine and authentic and came into existence earlier in 2020 (check out their site, click the link here). The products provided by the BKN are genuine, authentic, and pure that has been tested by many sources. They mainly sell the Kratom in bulk at wholesale price but the price is acceptable as compared to other online vendors.

Though BKN is a new online vendor for Kratom their owners have worked for long years in the field of Kratom so, products here are trustable. Its owners being professionals in the given field they have understood the market and their customers and made the products in accordance with it with great flexibility in price and quality.

  1. Kratom Crazy

Best for The Reseller To Buy Kratom In Bulk

Kratom Crazy is a new online vendor, Florida based, and is also famously known for its best quality of Kratom (check out their site, click here). At present, it is one of the best Kratom vendors and the quality of products provided by them is great.

The working of Kratom Crazy sellers is quite effective as they directly contact to the farmers and buy genuine products along with testing them first with quality and test. Kratom Crazy’s kratom’s best quality is that it contains a high concentration of alkaloid mitragynine.

One of the best immunity we get from Kratom Crazy is that it has no shipping cost and we have 30 days to return the product with a full refund if we don’t like the product. So, it a great deal that can be provided by any of the vendors.

  1. Krabot

Best for The Varied Section Of Kratom

Krabot is a Florida based kratom shop which deals with all types of Kratom products like crushed leaves, powdered form, or in a capsule (check out their site, click here). It was established in 2015 and since then it has served to sell the best quality kratom at an effective price.

It mainly focuses on customer satisfaction and price of Kratom product are genuine. The unique feature of buying Kratom from Krabot is that they facilitate the same-day delivery system and along with a money-back guarantee feature.

If someone wants to try unique products made from kratom then Krabot should be an obvious choice as it provides some blended products of Kratom which are high quality and authentic.

  1. Botanical Bunny Kratom

A High-Quality Kratom With an Affordable Price

Botanical Bunny became popular around 2017 and it has been delivering the high-quality Kratom to date (check their site, click here). Here, the products of Kratom available at Botanical Bunny are of good quality but the vendors don’t test its Kratom.

It has got good reviews from the customer so products are trusted. It would have been better preferred if the vendors used test facilities of their Kratom, which would have attracted more customers.

  1. Herbal Salvation

A Genuine And A Few Variety of Kratom Products But With Better Blend.

Herbal Salvation is different from other vendors as it mainly sells the herbal products made from Kratom (check their site, click here). It sells medicinal herbs and self-care products such as soaps, extracted oils.

They have some unique blends like Plantation Maeng Da and Maha kali Kratom which are powerful and smooth. Here, we have the option to place sample packs for testing purpose, so it is a unique feature which helps the customer to buy some small quantity of products before buying a large quantity.

  1. Mitragaia Kratom

A Good Vendor for Individual Consumer

In the year 2015 Mitragaia Kratom started as Gaia Kratom and soon it got widely spread around due to its variety of powders and capsules (check their site, click here). It mainly sells the Kratom products to individual consumers but also sells bulk Kratom to distributing vendors and smoke shops.

The feature of one-day delivery and the best quality product with competitive prices made it a well-known vendor. Due to contamination in products, their name was changed and now they have improved their quality check-up and now they test all Kratom products. So, it is a place where one can get well tested Kratom products.

  1. TGM Kratom Shop

All Time Favourite Kratom Vendor With High Quality And Best Price

TGM Shop is one of the best vendors as per the reviewers and its buyers (check their site, click here). TGM is a new company but the quality and pricing of its Kratom products are genuine. It is widely known for its high-quality product at a better price as compared to other vendors.

TGM is also a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified vendor which means it sells authentic products with the high-quality tests carried on its Kratom products. It is also recommended a trustworthy Kratom vendor by the American Kratom Association.

  1. Coastline Kratom

Good Quality Kratom Product But Price Is High As Per Taste

Coastline Kratom is one of the oldest and legit vendors for Kratom products (check their site, click here). It was established long before BKN and TGM Shop. Till the date, the quality of its Kratom products is maintained the same as it was before.

The quality of its products is par better but the price that it cost is very high as compare to other vendors for the same quantity which is disadvantageous for consumers. If the prices are made competitive as other vendors then it can be at top of all vendors with the best quality.

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