Book Blogthrough Series

Blogging section by section as I read along with a book.

Monks used to make notes in the margins of books as they transcribed them. These annotations contained everything from profound spiritual insights to snide asides. In that spirit, I am reading through books and commenting on what I find.

  1. Wild at Heart (Eldredge)
  1. Everyday Blessings by the Kabat-Zinns
    (under consideration)
  2. Without Buddha I Could Not Be Christian by Knitter
    (under consideration)
  3. My Experiments with Truth (Gandhi's autobiography)
    (under consideration)
  4. Last Child in the Woods (Richard Louv)
    (under consideration)

What do you think of these books? Is there one missing that I should be considering? Let me know in the comments below, and see what others have said there.

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